Monday, June 20, 2011

Hin Khanna

Yesterday at the last minute we decided to take a trip to some waterfalls. Since it was Father's day it was my job to look up some places to go for a day trip. The first little picture of waterfalls on the map we have was Hin Khanna, so I looked it up via google and found some good stuff. Lots of stuff that made it seem like it was less of a waterfall and more of a hangout spot. The other choice was a waterfall that was more like a stream of water falling off a cliff...3 kids under the age of 4 why do you think I chose the place that was less of a waterfall and more like a wading pool :)

It's really close to the city, so fairly easy to find and we didn't get lost once BIG score for our family :) We called a few of the interns that are here for the summer and had them join us. It was good fun. Lots of swimming, little boat rides, and good Lao food.

"The Falls"

Kids playing in the rental boats

In that little bungalow you might notice a few familiar faces.

Finn Made Friends

Dazed after a long day of splashing

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    PS Beautiful photos!